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Treasury Management Online Banking Support

Treasury Management Online Banking

Treasury Management Online Banking is our new digital banking platform designed to enhance your company's cash flow management process through feature-rich capabilities, speed, and simplicity.

Conversion FAQs

When is my organization converting to Treasury Management Online Banking?
Your cash management online banking accounts will be converted to Treasury Management Online Banking on December 5, 2022. This includes current users, access, services, and payment templates.

What will convert to Treasury Management Online Banking?
Current users that have successfully logged in since January 1, 2021, will be migrated to the new platform. Existing user account access, service entitlements, and ACH and wire transfer templates established prior to November 30, 2022, will be migrated.

Is a token required to access Treasury Management Online Banking?
Yes, click here for token options.

Will my scheduled transfers (ACH origination, online wire transfer, and account transfers) that were established using the current online banking system convert to Treasury Management Online Banking?
The transactions will have to be re-initiated using Treasury Management Online Banking.

What if I have to submit a payment that will be effective for after December 5, 2022?
The last day to originate an ACH transaction to be processed for Monday, December 5, 2022, will be Friday, December 2, 2022 (current cutoff times apply). ACH transactions to be processed on or after Tuesday, December 6, 2022, will need to be initiated using Treasury Management Online Banking.

Will alerts need to be re-established after conversion?
Yes, alerts will need to be re-established.

I currently use mobile deposit. How will this impact service?
Mobile deposit will transition to Mobile Remote Deposit Capture and be available via the Treasury Management Mobile Banking App.

Will my current check positive pay issue file format be migrated as part of the conversion process?
Yes, the issue file format will be included. The dollar sign ($) must be removed from the amount in the issue file for successful processing using Treasury Management Online Banking.

Will I still be able to send a text message to “BAL” or “HIS” for account information?
This feature will not be available with Treasury Management Online Banking. The new online banking system offers various notifications that can be received by text message, e-mail, or upon login.

What should I enter as the intermediary bank when sending a USD international wire transfer?
Please enter the information that is included in your wire transfer instructions from your trading partner. If no intermediary bank is included, please enter Wells Fargo routing number 026005092 for successful transaction processing.

Does Treasury Management Online Banking offer additional functionality?
Yes, Treasury Management Online Banking features the following enhancements:

    • Improved security at login with the addition of company ID and multi-factor authentication options
    • Secure token options are physical token, soft token on computer, or soft token via phone app
    • Required authentication at identified risk points to prevent fraud and potential losses
    • Up to three levels of approval available for transaction processing with dollar limits available
    • Customizable dashboard with widgets for quick access to most common reports and services
    • Ability to group accounts for fast access to line of business or division account activity
    • Approval queue for prompt access to view and approve payment transactions
    • Client administered platform to perform user management and entitlement maintenance
    • Create new users or clone existing user’s account and service access
    • Dual control available when managing users
    • Variety of standard and customizable reports
    • Designate standard or custom reports as favorites for efficient access to account information
    • Robust reporting for reconciliation and research with ability to drilldown for view, print, or export
    • Export account reports in PDF, CSV, or BAI2 format
    • Additional notification options for transactions or balance alerts to monitor account and cash flow
    • Transfer between accounts with one to one, one to many, many to one, future dated, and recurring
    • Single use and recurring options for wire transfers
    • Upload wire instructions for efficient processing of bulk wire transfers
    • Future date wire transfers up to 30 days in advance of processing date
    • Enter or upload recipients into database to save banking information for quick access to send payments
    • Download payments at summary or detail level in PDF of CSV format with options to save or print
    • Full transaction audit trail for 180 days available for view or print
    • Proactive notification sent to approvers when transaction processing cutoff time is approaching
Fraud Protection
    • Enhanced check positive pay reporting with full audit trail of item decisions
    • Expanded ACH positive pay functionality to manage approved trading partners/filters
    • Submit pay or return decision for positive pay exceptions
    • Mobile deposit with ability to include more than one check per deposit
    • Approve new users or entitlement maintenance


Additional questions?
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