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Money Manager - Online Financial Management Tool

Personal Banking


create savings goals.

Money Manager is an easy to use financial management tool available through online banking and the mobile banking app.
  • Create personal budgets that can be monitored and easily managed
  • Create custom cash flow calendars that automatically track spending and income
  • Track life events such as saving for a house, car, or vacation
  • Aggregate accounts from over 17,000 available external financial institutions to help track overall net worth

Features of Money Manager


Keep track of and understand your overall finances. View top expenses and a list of transactions from each category in real time.


Establish and monitor budgets with access to spending history and suggestions for staying on track.


Add your paychecks and expenses to view income and spending trends, making it easier to track on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Track your investments and cash flow with access to monthly, quarterly and annual trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Money Manager?
Log in to Univest Online Banking or the mobile app and select Money Manager from the account menu. You will then be asked to enter a mobile phone number and enroll available account types. Your Univest bank accounts tied to the username will automatically appear.

How do I get back to the online banking dashboard?
In the mobile app, click the ‘Close’ icon located on the top left of the screen. When accessing via online banking, use your web browser back button to click back to the online banking dashboard.

What are external accounts?
You can link accounts from other financial institutions (investment accounts, credit cards, other bank accounts), subject to availability. To link external accounts, you must have online access through a website for applicable external accounts.

What types of alerts are available?
  • Account Threshold
    When an account balance is under or over a certain dollar amount. Spending Habit alerts are different than specific account alerts.
  • Goal Achieved
    Your percentage of the way there for your goal name goal.
  • Goal Achieved and Completed
    You've done it! You've achieved your goal
  • High/Low Balance Alert
    Your account name account balance has risen above / fallen below the threshold amount. The current balance is a balance.

How do I disable Money Manager alerts?
To disable an alert, go to the Alerts option and click the ‘X’ next to the specific alert you would like to disable.

Is there a fee for using Money Manager?
No, there is no fee for this service.

Why am I unable to set up a payoff?
Payoff goals can only be established if you have a credit card or loan setup in Money Manager.

Can I create multiple savings goals for one account?
At this time, only one savings goal can be established per account.
Who can I contact for additional questions on Money Manager?
Within Money Manager there is an available Help icon with more information. You may also send a message through chat or contact a member of our Customer Support team at 877.723.5571.

What are the available standard tags?
  • Clothing
  • Dining out
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fees
  • Groceries
  • Health
  • Home
  • Income
  • Payment
  • Personal
  • Savings
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Utilities
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