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Mobile Wallet FAQs

Personal Banking

  1. What is Mobile Wallet?
    Mobile Wallet is a secure and convenient way for Univest cardholders to enable a non-cash payment using compatible mobile devices in store, online, and within apps.
  2. How secure is Mobile Wallet?
    Mobile Wallet doesn't actually store your real number; instead, a unique token is assigned so your card is securely stored. This means your card number is not seen by the terminal reader or the merchant.
  3. Which Univest cards can I link to the mobile wallet?
    You can easily link your Univest Mastercard
    ® debit card or Univest Visa® credit card. For tips on adding them to your device, please see the FAQs for Apple Pay®, Samsung PayTM, and Google PayTM.
  4. What if my physical Univest debit card is lost or stolen?
    You can immediately cancel your card by contacting the Univest Service Center at 877.723.5571, report it lost or stolen within online or mobile banking, or temporarily disable your card via the mobile app
  5. Will merchants receive my physical card number?
    No. When you add a card to your Mobile Wallet, it will be assigned a unique token. Your Mobile Wallet will use this unique token when you make a purchase.
  6. Will the card image in my Mobile Wallet match my physical card?
    Mobile Wallet will show an image of your card that matches the design of the physical card, but will not include any of the card information such as card number, expiration date, cardholder name, etc. 
  7. Is there a charge to use Mobile Wallet?
    Univest does not charge a fee to use Mobile Wallet.
  8. What if I receive a new Univest debit or credit card with an updated expiration date?
    If you get a new card, you will need to go into your Mobile Wallet, delete your existing card and add your new card.
  9. If I erase my mobile device, can I continue to use my physical card(s)?
    Erasing the information on your mobile device has no impact on your physical Univest card(s) and you can continue to use them, but it will delete your virtual card(s) from your Mobile Wallet. Simply follow the setup process to add your card(s) back into your Mobile Wallet.
  10. How do I return an item I bought using my Mobile Wallet in a store?
    To return an item you bought in store using your Mobile Wallet you will need your store receipt and the mobile device with your Mobile Wallet app. If asked to swipe your card, simply unlock your device and hold the back to the contactless payment terminal. In some cases, it may be asked to provide the last 4 digits of your virtual card number. This number can be found within details screen in your Mobile Wallet app.  
  11. What if a merchant requires me to enter a PIN?
    Requiring a PIN is solely at the merchant’s discretion. The PIN is the same one you use for debit card transactions. 
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