A Plan for Your Treasures

Tim Mininger, Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor, Univest Bank and Trust Co.

If you have done estate planning that arranges for the transfer of your major assets and property, congratulations! You’ve already taken a huge step. But in order to avoid family squabbles, you may also need to direct attention to the distribution of your personal belongings.

Your possessions have value – both monetary and emotional – making it highly likely you care about who will receive them. By taking time now to designate who will receive what, you help ensure that those decisions remain yours and not those of a court or disgruntled heir. Start by talking with your family about your wishes for your possessions – while you can – to help smooth the way to stronger family relationships once you’re gone.

Seek Professional Advice

When sorting through your prized belongings and the memories that may go with them, understand that there is no substitute for professional advice. This is especially important in cases of blended families when relationships may be more complicated and legal protection of assets is warranted.

Here at Univest, our trust and estate planning professionals can work with you and your legal advisors to help ensure your wishes will be carried out. We can help you separate the emotion from the logistics for making sure the family member or friend you choose receives the item(s) you had in mind for them.

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