Community Banking: Making a Difference

Philip C. Jackson, President, Corporate Banking, Univest Bank and Trust Co.

Patricia J. KratzSome time ago in this publication, I talked about community banking and its role in the economy. I thought it important to revisit how community banks, locally and across the nation, are “making a difference.” Community banks are defined by their geographic location and typically limit themselves to serving the areas in which they are located. Although smaller in nature, they are a vital source of capital and services to the most important customer segments in our economy – small and middle market size companies. For example, at Univest, Corporate Banking clients are family-owned businesses, sole proprietors, limited partnerships and entrepreneurs who are so vital to job development in our region and country. As our region recovers economically, these companies will be the primary source for job growth. Community banks provide the fuel for these locally owned companies to prosper.

At Univest, we are making a difference by providing three key ingredients for growth:


Univest has the capacity to meet all of your borrowing and servicing needs. Loans of all types and sizes are available, such as SBA loans, working capital, real estate acquisition and development, and equipment financing. Even through this recession, Univest has maintained the ability to continue lending and providing resources to companies in our community.


For more than 136 years Univest has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining and developing long-term relationships. Our objective at Univest is to develop customers for life, meeting all of your financial needs: banking, insurance and investments.


Univest understands that helping to maintain a vibrant community, both financially and socially, are keys to the longterm health of the community. Through various programs, such as the “Committed to Local” program and the dedication to volunteerism by our employees, Univest has become an integral partner in our community.

Yes, community banks such as Univest are making a difference and we are committed to being here for you. Our future success is dependent upon the success and health of the communities we serve, and we believe our future is bright.

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