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Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees as of August 1, 2022
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $6.00 per card
Cashier's Check $10.00 per check
Check Printing Price varies depending on style ordered
Checkbook/Account Reconcilement (Financial Centers) $25.00 per hour
Closing Account by Mail $10.00 per account
Copy of Check/Deposit Item/Statement 
$2.00 per statement or copies of checks/deposits for up to 12 months
$25.00 per hour for more than 12 months of statements or copies of checks/deposits
Debit Mastercard® BusinessCard (First 2 are free) $10.00 per card
Domestic Relations – Order to Freeze $75.00 per freeze
Early Account Closing Fee
$20.00 per account (Closed within 90 days of opening - excluding escrow accounts)
Escheat Fee
$50.00 per account
Foreign ATM Transaction Fee (this does not include surcharges imposed from other financial institutions or third-party vendors) $3.00 each (does not include balance inquiries)
Foreign Item Collection Fee $20.00 per item
Foreign Currency Order/Foreign Currency Collection Fee  $20.00 each
Garnishment (plus attorney's fees)
$150.00 per garnishment
Immigration/Adoption Confirmation Fee
$25.00 per confirmation
IRS Levy
$75.00 per levy
Overdraft Items
Personal Accounts: $20.00 per item, including for each re-presentment. Maximum of 3 fees per day.

Non-Personal Accounts: $35.00 per item, including for each re-presentment.
Continuous Overdraft Fee (for applicable non-personal accounts) 
$10.00 per day
(if the account is negative $20.00 or more)
Records Research $25.00 per hour
Return Deposit Item Fee $13.00 per item
Signature Review Fee
$23.00 per month
Stop Payments
$30.00 per stop
Temporary Checks
$4.00 per sheet
US Dollar Canadian Item/Canadian Dollar Item
$10.00/$15.00 per item
Wire Fees - Incoming
$13.00 per wire (changed 12/1/21)
Wire Fees - Outgoing Domestic
$20.00 per wire
Wire Fees - International
$40.00 per wire

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