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Total Reward Strategies

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why consider a total rewards strategy?

A combination of monetary and non-monetary rewards, a total rewards strategy is available to employers to attract, retain, motivate and engage employees. Rewards are built on the business’ strategy and align with employee interests, placing value on the employment relationship which can be beneficial to the success of the company.
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What is included in a total rewards strategy?

A total rewards strategy compliments an organizations employee acquisition and retention strategy and is typically comprised of the following six elements:
  1. Compensation – as a means to provide incentive and encourage retention, employees can receive fixed or variable pay for services rendered
  2. Benefits – indirect and non-wage programs that provide security for employees and families
  3. Performance management – the alignment of organizational, team and individual efforts to achieve business goals
  4. Recognition – formal or informal programs that reinforce employee actions or performance that support the organization’s strategy
  5. Work-life effectiveness – practices that actively support efforts to help employees achieve successes at work and home
  6. Development – tools and opportunities for employees to hone their skills and competencies for the sake of their short and long-term careers

Benefits of a total rewards strategy

A strategy of this nature is beneficial to both the employer and employee. First, it’s a great way to foster strong, positive relationships by showcasing the value of the benefits employees receive beyond their base salary. In return, the employees help to drive organizational success. In addition, this strategy can improve recruitment and retention for the company.

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How to implement a total rewards strategy?

Univest HR Consulting takes a four-phase approach to implementation: assessment, design, execution, and evaluation.
Implementing a total rewards strategy can be challenging, but Univest HR Consulting is here to guide you in doing what’s right for your company. Boost your chances of enhancing performance and increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty by contacting us today.

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