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Strategies for Setting & Aligning HR Goals

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why is it important to set HR goals?

Human resource strategic planning is important for every business, regardless of size and should align with the organizational goals and objectives. Effective goal setting can impact an organization’s progress when aligned effectively to optimize outcomes. As part of an annual review, HR should assess trends in performance to goals, understand the future intentions of the company, and establish new goals that are consistently in tandem with the organization’s strategy.

How to Set HR Department Goals

Human Resources can assist in meeting the company’s strategic objectives with intentional goals set around the following areas:
  • culture iconCULTURE
    Provide support to culture building efforts that align with the company mission and vision
  • productivity icon WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY
    Set realistic goals and provide clear direction to help clarify expectations
  • check mark iconCOMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT
    Understand which files to maintain and for how long as well as specifics around employment laws and regulations
  • checklist iconWORKPLACE PLANNING
    Analyze metrics to help forecast and capture staffing needs and production requirements
    Define roles and expectations to create hiring processes, develop onboarding and orientation process for new hires along with onboarding materials, and implement a 30/60/90 evaluation plan for all employees
  • engagement icon EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT
    Align employee goals and interests with the company’s mission and goals to enhance productivity and aid in the overall success
    Implement formal performance management methods to measure performance and create the opportunity for managers to coach employees when necessary
In order to grow and succeed, HR needs to integrate an efficient plan within the business planning process to establish goals that meet human resources objectives in support of the company’s overall strategy. This alignment will create a valuable competitive advantage and ensure the overall company mission can be achieved.
Aligning HR and company goals does not have to be daunting if you go through the process step-by-step. Below are action items to help create, implement, and analyze HR goals and objectives.
  1. Understand the business strategy
    • In discussions with management, HR should understand the overall goals of the company to assess how they can play an actionable role in meeting the objectives.
  2. Determine HR goals
    • Participate in the business planning process and build HR goals that align and compliment the company’s goals
  3. Plan and implement HR strategy
    • Outline specific actions to achieve the department objectives.
  4. Evaluate results
    • Measure progress and effectiveness through comparing results year-over-year to demonstrate the ways in which HR assisted the company in meeting the objectives and achieving their overall goals.
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