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Dec '21 Three Workplace Perks Part-time Workers Want Right Now

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3 Workplace Perks Part-time Workers Want Right Now

In some cases, part-time employees don’t qualify for benefits packages. In others, they are only offered limited perks. Employers can consider offering benefits that speak directly to the unique needs of part-time workers. Here are three to think about:
  1. Scheduling Power
    Scheduling autonomy is a huge perk for part-time employees. These workers might not work full time for a variety of reasons, scheduling conflicts chief among them. Allowing part-time employees to choose when they work can be a huge attraction and retention tool.
  2. Early Wage Access
    This is when an employee receives money they earned a few days ahead of their normal pay date. This early access can lead to greater overall employee productivity and well-being, as it saves employees from seeking high-interest loans that can lead to further debt. Moreover, since the employees have already earned the money they’re gaining access to, there is little risk to employers.
  3. Streamlined Communication Solutions
    Employers can consider streamlining communication using a consistent technology platform, such as a company webpage or app. On such a platform, employers could post scheduling information and communicate directly with employees in one spot rather than using individuals’ personal emails.

Part-time workers can be just as important to businesses as full-time employees. Offering workplace perks that speak to part-time employees’ unique needs can be critical for productivity, well-being and retention.

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