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Univest Capital, Inc. specializes in equipment lease and financing for transactions ranging from $2,500 to $500,000. Our goal is to make acquisition plans affordable for businesses and municipalities across the U.S. by offering a combination of below market rates, 100% financing, and flexible financing terms.

Leasing Program

Acquire the high-priced equipment you need to stay competitive without waiting or impacting your cash flow. At Univest Capital, we provide essential lease and finance options designed to help your business:

  • Fund necessary equipment
  • Manage cash flow
  • Preserve working capital and credit lines
  • Maintain pace with technology

Financing is available on a direct basis through a variety of programs, including our Lease To Own option which allows you to purchase your equipment at the end of your lease term for $1. If you’re not currently in the market, but purchased new equipment in the last six months and would like to free up funds, our Sale/Leaseback option is a convenient solution. Sell us your almost-new equipment and we will lease it back to you for a low monthly payment.


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Vendor Financing Program

Univest Capital also provides unique vendor financing programs. In the current economic climate, customers are looking for alternative financing methods to overcome their budgetary limitations and acquire needed equipment. Our consultative approach and sales expertise can improve closing ratios and increase sales for a positive impact on your bottom line. The ability to understand sales processes allows us to create specialty finance programs tailored to specific markets such as health care, office equipment, technology, and municipal finance. Extending your sales processes to include equipment financing scenarios can help:

  • Reduce “sticker-shock”
  • Control the sale
  • Position yourself for repeat business

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Univest Capital, Inc. is a subsidiary of Univest Bank and Trust Co.SM

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