Fraudulent ACH Emails

Our security team has learned of fraudulent emails regarding ACH transactions being sent to Univest customers that appear to be from Univest. The intent behind the emails are to have Univest customers log into their online banking account through a link within the email so criminals can obtain online banking IDs, passwords and other personal and financial information.


Below is a sample of the fraudulent ACH email:

 Fraud ACH Email


What should you do if you receive a fraudulent email?

Delete the email without clicking on any links within it.

What should you do if you did click on a link within a fraudulent email?

Immediately contact the Univest Service Center at 877.723.5571.


If you are ever unsure whether a communication or request for personal or account information from Univest is legitimate, do not hesitate to call us at 877.723.5571. 


Looking for more information on how to prevent fraud? Review our recommended best practices to make sure you are protected from potential threats by clicking here.