Today's Interest Rates

Home Equity Term Loan

Loan Term    Interest Rate1 APR2 Payment3
60 months 4.125% 4.125% $1,847.30
84 months 4.250% 4.250% $1,378.48
120 months 4.750% 4.750% $1,048.48
180 months 5.000% 5.000% $790.79


Home Equity Line of Credit

Index4            Margin5 APR6
Prime 0.000% to 1.240% 3.250% to 4.490%


1 Displayed interest rates are based upon a 30-day lock for a loan on a primary residence with a minimum FICO score of 740 and a combined loan to value of 80%. This information is accurate as of June 26, 2016 and is subject to change without notice. Individual interest rates will vary depending upon loan details such as combined loan to value, credit history, property type and occupancy. Stated interest rates do not constitute an offer to enter into an interest rate agreement.

2 Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

3 Payment amount represents principal and interest payments based upon the noted term and interest rate and a loan amount of $100,000.

4 Prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal Money Rates Table.  As of June 26, 2016 the Prime rate is 3.50%.

5 Margin varies based upon combined loan to value, credit history, property type and occupancy.  Margin reflected above does not include auto pay discount of 0.25% from Univest checking or savings account.

6 Annual Percentage Rate (APR) reflects current prime rate plus the margin. Maximum APR over the life of the home equity line of credit is 18.00%.

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