Person-to-Person Funds Transfer (P2P)

Click here to view a video on person-to-person funds transfer.


A fast, secure way to transfer funds to another person online anywhere across the U.S. Electronically send money from your Univest bank account to another person's bank account for free.

How Do I Send Money With Univest's P2P?

  1. Univest account holder logs into the system (no enrollment, no ID or password)
  2. Univest account holder enters account information and recipient's name and email
  3. Recipient receives notification email from Univest
  4. Recipient authorizes transfer by entering bank account information
  5. Univest electronically moves funds from the sender's Univest account to recipient's account
  6. Transaction completed on next business day 
Click here for the Person-to-Person transfer form.
A woman sitting at her computer using P2P to transfer money to another woman sitting at her computer.