Gold Checking Account

For customers who maintain higher balances in a variety of Univest accounts/services and want additional benefits.

Checking Account Features:

  • $100 minimum to open
  • Requires $10,000 daily minimum balance combined in related checking, savings, money market or CD/IRA balances 
  • Monthly service fee of $5 if balance requirements are not met
  • Earns interest
  • First order of basic style checks is free
  • Customers age 55 or better receive free Univest style checks
  • Surcharge free ATMs in Allpoint Network 1 
  • $10 Overdraft forgiveness 2
  • Courtesy overdraft limit of $1,250 3
  • Free Money Manager sweeps 4
  • 0.25% Loan rate discount 5

Additional Features/Benefits:

Open an account online by clicking the open now button below.

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1 This does not include surcharges imposed from other financial institutions or third-party vendors.

2 If your account is overdrawn by $10 or less after all transactions have been posted for the business day, you will not incur any overdraft item fees for that day.

3 Courtesy overdraft limits are available on new checking accounts after 30 days of account opening if the account has remained positive for the full 30 days. When there are insufficient funds in the account, we may, at our discretion, use the courtesy overdraft limit to pay checks, automatic bill payments and recurring debit card transactions. ATM and debit card transactions are not covered under the courtesy overdraft limit. Overdraft limits can be applied to ATM and debit card transactions when you have opted in to having those transactions covered. By opting in, you authorize Univest to use the courtesy overdraft limit to pay ATM and everyday debit card transactions when there are insufficient funds in your account. You may opt out of this service at any time by contacting your local Univest Financial Service Center. By opting out, you can still overdraw your account and incur fees. Overdraft fees apply whether we pay an item using the courtesy overdraft limit or return an item for insufficient funds. Fees include a $35 per item fee. The bank can remove your courtesy overdraft limit at its discretion. We expect you to bring your account to a positive balance. If the account has a negative balance after 15 consecutive calendar days, a notification will be sent to you requesting payment and will recommend you contact the bank to discuss and set up a payment plan. If, after 30 consecutive calendar days, your account has not been brought to a positive balance you will be notified that the account will be closed in 10 calendar days.

4 Link your accounts with this overdraft protection service to avoid overdrawing your account. Each sweep will count towards the maximum number of 6 transfers and withdrawals per month from your savings and/or money market account per government requirements.

5 Requires automatic payments from a Univest checking or savings account. The 0.25% loan discount excludes mortgages and credit cards.

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