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The Buck & Penny Story

Buck and Penny are two young American Eaglet twins, a brother and sister. They were hatched about ten years ago in a big nest at the top of a pine tree overlooking a lake, not too far from here. Although we're not exactly sure what day their birthday actually is, we celebrate it March 11th. That's the day we discovered the two of them singing and playing on the roof of the Univest Corporate Offices.

What are our feathery little twins like, you ask? Well, brother Buck behaves pretty much like any other 10-year-old "boy." He's active, into technology, a little bit loud sometimes and loves sports - although being a bird, when he's catching flies they're not the baseball kind. Although Buck's smart, he's also impetuous. He likes to spend his money right away on things that catch his eye, instead of saving up for bigger items he might need later.

His sister Penny, on the other hand, is a born organizer and planner that's always saving for something special. She has a fuzzy pink purse that she keeps her money in, counting it carefully and keeping it safe until it's time to take it to the bank. She loves dancing, math and reading, and likes nothing better than settling down with a good book on quiet afternoons.

Although Buck and Penny were very happy growing up, they were very inquisitive. They always wondered what lay beyond the horizon, out past the edges of their lake and the beautiful pine forest surrounding it. Ever since they were little, Buck was the adventurous one that got bored easily. Penny always had to watch him to make sure he didn't lean too far out over the edge of the nest, trying to see what was happening on the ground below.

That's actually how Buck and Penny came to live at Univest. One day, while Buck was leaning out of the nest, a huge gust of wind came along and sent him tumbling over the edge. Quickly flapping his wings, he soared up into the sky, laughing and saying how beautiful everything looked from up there. Penny, being the practical little eaglet she was, realized that this was the start of their first big adventure.

Packing up her little pink purse with all her belongings, she placed it over her shoulder, grabbed Buck's backpack, and hopped over the edge of the nest to join Buck. Flying out over the lake for one last look at their old home, Buck and Penny headed east, just as they'd seen so many airplanes do while they were growing up.

While they were flying, they talked about all their plans and everyone they were going to meet on their big adventure. For hours, they looked at all the trees and farms, and then, just as they were getting tired enough to need a rest, they flew over a pretty little town with a big, tall brick building in the center.

"Look, Buck! There's a big picture that looks like Grandpop on that building!"

Sure enough, the town was Souderton, and the building with the big eagle picture that looked so inviting was Univest. When it was built in the late 1800s, it was the tallest building between New York and Philadelphia. Realizing that it was a great spot for a new nest - the highest building in the prettiest part of town - Buck and Penny coasted in for a landing, promptly falling asleep right next to the door to the roof.

On the roof is exactly where we found them. The rest, as they say, is history.  Buck and Penny are quite at home at Univest.  They have a lot of new friends here at Univest and in the local community.  And, they have jobs as company spokesbirds at various kids' events.

It's been fun for them, and lots of fun for all of us, too. Together, we're making memories and creating new traditions!

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