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Meet Buck and Penny

Perhaps you've been to a recent community event, parade or story time and had the chance to meet the Univest Eaglets, Buck and Penny. Buck and Penny are part of the Univest family. And, they help us teach young children about saving, spending wisely and sharing to help those in need. 

A collage of Buck and Penny the young American eaglet twins.


Many children start saving at home in a piggy bank. This is a great place to start putting dollars and cents given to you in small amounts. But, when your piggy bank gets full or you receive larger amounts of money as gifts, it's time to start thinking about keeping it in a bank. A bank is the safest place to store your money. If you want to start saving with Buck and Penny, while earning great annual rewards, check out our Eaglet Savings Account.

Are you interested in learning more about Buck and Penny? Read their story on how they came to live at Univest and become part of our educational outreach in the community. 

Would you like to invite Buck and Penny to your school or community event? Contact Univest's Corporate Communications team to inquire about a personal meet and greet at 215-721-2522.

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