Guaranteed On Time Closing

We are experts in home financing. While the loan process can be cumbersome, our team at Univest provides exceptional service to get your loan from application to closing efficiently and accurately.


We guarantee your home equity loan or line of credit will be ready to close within 20 days of your application date, as long as you submit all required documentation1 within two (2) business days of request, unless a full appraisal is required.2  We'll do the rest. If we don't meet our commitment to you, we'll write you a check for $250.3



1 For home equity loans or lines of credit that require a full appraisal, Univest guarantees it will be ready to close within 30 days of application date.

2 Required documentation may vary and will include, at a minimum for each borrower: a signed loan application; photo identification; verification authorizations; income and liquid asset support for the transaction; and other legal and/or financial documentation related to the application. Univest will inform you of the documentation required from each borrower. Final approval will be contingent upon acceptable credit, title and valuation reports. Additional information may be required for final approval. Loan requests which must be restructured or your failure at any time to meet the 2 business day response time on requested documentation nullifies this guarantee.

3 This is not a commitment to lend. Loan applications are subject to qualification and approval of borrower(s) and property. Home improvement loans based on an “as completed” value are not eligible for Service Guarantees. All programs and guidelines, including this guarantee, are subject to change without notice. Univest’s failure to meet the above referenced guarantee will result in a $250 check delivered to you within 15 days of the closing of your loan. In addition, loan transactions that surpass the Service Guarantee time frame due to changed circumstances, acts of God, war, disaster or other emergency, void the Service Guarantee.

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