Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor in 2014

Michael Stewart, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Univest Investments, Inc.

Starting the year off with a financial planning review with your financial advisor is a good idea to make sure everything is up to date. Many changes can occur during the course of a year such as your investment mix, long term goals and personal situation that warrant a review meeting.

In a review meeting with your advisor, some key topics include:

  • Are there any changes in your financial picture? Did you get married or divorced? Did you start a family or do you have children who will be entering college? Have you changed jobs or retired? You and your financial advisor will want to discuss these changes to determine how it relates to your risk tolerance, objectives and time horizons.
  • Should you adjust your portfolios? Have your accounts strayed away from their targeted allocations of stocks/bonds/ cash due to market performance? Do you need to adjust your allocation due to changes in your circumstance that may warrant a more conservative or aggressive allocation? Is your retirement plan still on track?
  • Who are the beneficiaries on your accounts? Changes in your personal situation may trigger a need to update beneficiary designations.

Univest FoundationIf some time has passed since you’ve last discussed these topics, call your financial advisor today to set up a financial review meeting. Also, remember it is to your advantage to make your advisor aware of your entire financial picture, so it is helpful to bring along any outside statements to review such as investment accounts, company retirement plans and life insurance policies. Univest Investments is here to help. Contact a financial advisor at 215-721-2112 or

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