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Committed to Local At Univest we take pride in using our financial literacy expertise to teach youth about saving, investing and wise money management. We’re committed to our local community and passionate about making a difference. It is important for children to learn the value of money and importance of saving at an early age. And there’s more to understanding finances than putting change in a piggy bank and occasionally visiting the bank. Don’t be intimidated about teaching your toddlers, pre-teens or young adults lifelong financial lessons that will help them be successful as they go out into the world.

Learning can be fun and Univest is here to help. At the start of the school year, Univest launched a financial literacy initiative that is helping teach local high school students about important financial concepts such as credit cards, taxes, credit scores, investing, savings and mortgages through a new interactive, online learning platform. The course of study, provided in partnership with EverFi, brings complex financial concepts to life for today’s digitally adept students. Approximately 45 students at Quakertown Community High School recently received financial literacy certification upon completion of the program. In addition to Quakertown, the program is offered at Bensalem High School, Spring-Ford Senior High School and we are finalizing partnerships with three additional high schools in Montgomery and Bucks counties.

In addition to youth education, we present to seniors and individuals of all ages. If you are interested in an event speaker, tour of a local branch or school visit, please contact the Corporate Communications team at 215-721-2450.

Save the Date: National Teach Children to Save Day Is April 23

Here are some tips to help teach your child the value of saving:

Allowances. Sit down with your children and encourage them to identify ways to earn money through age-appropriate chores. Help them make a list and keep a chart of all the chores they complete. The lesson is that money does not grow on trees – there is a value to money and it is earned through hard work.

Shopping. Make a grocery list and let kids cut and organize coupons with you. Take them to the store and have them match the coupons with the items on the shelves.

Celebrate saving. Put a picture of the item for which your child is saving on the piggy bank or jar they use to visually reinforce their goal. Give them recognition for their discipline when the savings goal is reached.

Trips to the bank. Take children to the bank periodically to learn more about saving and spending.

Withdrawing money from the ATM. Teach them about the "invisible money" at ATMs and how it really works. We know it isn’t free, but do they?

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