Community Banking and Univest Community Banking and Univest

Philip C. Jackson, President, Corporate Banking, Univest Bank and Trust Co.

As we prepare to start a new year, I thought it would be helpful to review what makes Univest different and the advantages of banking with a community bank.

How Tron Changed My Business How Tron Changed My Business

Hugh Connelly, CFA, President, Univest Capital, Inc.

Every business has its own set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that govern how the business performs. The KPIs track performance, measure efficiency and gauge effectiveness of managers. A company dashboard communicates to the employees what is important to the owners.

Is Your Will Up to Date?

Is Your Will Up to Date?

John Kazary, Esq., CTFA, Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor, Univest Bank and Trust Co.

How often do you review your will? Even if you don't have a lot of assets, a will can be an important estate planning tool for ensuring your loved ones are provided for as you wish.

Benchmarking – A Tool for Your 401(k) Plan Benchmarking – A Tool for Your 401(k) Plan

Paul Patitucci, Vice President, Retirement Plan Services, Univest Bank and Trust Co.

After a full year of 408(b)(2) fee disclosure, do you feel better informed on the true costs of your 401(k) plan? Unfortunately, while the intentions of the regulations were good, the delivery was confusing. Even if you fully understand the costs of your plan, do you know if the price is reasonable?

New Look Coming This Spring!

We're giving our quarterly publications a facelift in 2014. We look forward to sharing the new look with the spring 2014 edition. If you prefer to receive the electronic version of this newsletter, please visit

Univest Foundation to Launch New Website

Univest Foundation to Launch New Website

Univest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides clients various charitable planning options, is launching a new and improved website in early 2014.

Univest Payroll Administration Services

Univest Payroll Administration Services

Donna Ulrich, Vice President, Payroll and Implementation, Univest Insurance, Inc.

Payroll administration can be one of the most time-consuming functions any company faces. With businesses looking for ways to remain competitive in today's environment, it is not surprising that outsourcing this task has become an increasingly popular choice.

Ensure Your Safety Online
At Univest, we are committed to protecting your personal and financial information. As your financial partner, we strive to provide you with the tools you need to manage and safeguard your assets. Awareness is one of the best ways to help protect against fraud and identity theft. Please visit to learn more.

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