Banking on the Go? App-solutely!

Touch. Tap. Transact … Remote Deposit Anywhere Is Coming Soon
Eric Conner, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Univest Bank and Trust Co.

Did you ever have a check to deposit, but the bank branch was already closed, or the weather was too severe to drive to the ATM? Univest will soon introduce a new way to deposit your checks using your iPhone® – Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA). You’ll soon be able to touch, tap and transact through Univest’s mobile banking app for the iPhone.

The updated Univest mobile app will guide you through this convenient and easy-to-use process. You simply enter the amount of the check, select your Univest account for the deposit, take pictures of both sides of the check when instructed and you’re done! An email will notify you when Univest has received the deposit request and when the deposit has been credited to your account. Checks can be deposited up to 6 p.m. ET for immediate credit Monday through Friday, except on holidays. RDA will save you time, save gas in your car, eliminate ATM deposit envelopes and make banking with Univest even more convenient.

Remote Deposit Anywhere will soon be available to both consumers (free of charge) and small business customers (for a small fee). If you have questions about this new service, please contact the Univest Service Center at 877-723-5571 because some restrictions do apply.

Univest Bank and Trust Co. is Member FDIC.

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