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Charitable Giving

Established as an independent entity in 2002, Univest Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is committed to bringing charities and donors together through the promotion of planned giving.


The Foundation supports donors and not-for-profits by offering philanthropic services that include:

  • Gift annuity administration
  • Gift annuity program support services
  • Donor advised funds
  • Endowment investments, management and recordkeeping

Univest Foundation's Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) Program allows charitable organizations of any size or experience to offer CGAs quickly and easily. Additionally:

  • Your organization saves staff and software expense.
  • The Foundation assumes the liability for compensating the donor.
  • 100% of the remainder of each annuity is distributed to the charity designated by the donor.
  • Univest Foundation maintains the reserve fund, including the initial $100,000 deposit in PA.
  • Univest Foundation handles the administration for the CGA (see below).
  • Professional investment management of the CGA assets.

Univest Foundation administers charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts for not-for-profits organizations working directly with their own donors. The benefits are:

  • The gift is 100% irrevocable. The contract is between your organization and the donor.
  • Your organization has more control over the CGA assets.
  • Professional investment management with the ability to provide input on asset allocation.
  • Univest Foundation handles all administration for the CGA (see below).
  • The fee schedule is tiered. As CGA assets increase, the cost of running the program decreases.

Administrative services provided by Univest Foundation:

  • Univest processes all donor gifts.
  • A statement showing the value of donor's gift and corresponding income tax deduction is provided.
  • Timely annuity payments are undertaken.
  • All annuity payments and tax information is tracked.
  • Statements are provided to your organization detailing the income earned, donor contributions received, annuity payments made and investment activity within the account.
  • All required tax reporting and filings on behalf of the Fund are provided.
  • We calculate reserve requirements.
  • Professional investment management of CGA funds.