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Payroll Administration and Implementation

Making sure payroll is accurate and on time is an important aspect of business. At Univest Insurance, we eliminate the stress associated with payroll management, creating opportunities for human resource departments to focus on other key tasks and responsibilities. Our valued partner, ADP Logo, allows us to provide exceptional, reliable payroll services no matter how complicated your business payroll may be. Our goal is to save you money and simplify your payroll processing. Univest will manage the entire payroll process from implementation of all ADP products (Pay eXpert, EZ Labor Manager, HRB, etc.) to the day-to-day administration of your payroll activities.


Our ADP payroll implementation services include:

  • Develop project objectives including success criteria, desired functionality and specific time frames
  • Oversee collection and distribution of all company-related data and benefit information for all employee groups
  • Act as liaison between company staff and ADP
  • Monitor the review, testing and validation of payroll, HR/B and EZLM tools
  • Assist in communication of new technology to company employees
  • Coordinate training sessions for managers with ADP


Our payroll administration services include:

  • Manage processing of weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc. payroll
  • Act as liaison between client and ADP
  • Make appropriate changes to wages, hours, insurance premiums, garnishments, local taxes, direct deposit, etc.
  • Manage additions and terminations to payroll system as appropriate
  • Transmit hours from time-tracking system to payroll system
  • Respond to employee and employer questions as needed

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