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HR Solutions

Favorable employee relations are the key to any successful business. Univest Insurance understands the challenges organizations' human resource departments can face while trying to maintain operational effectiveness, efficiency and budgetary goals with ever-changing federal and state employment laws.

As a leader in HR resources, Univest Insurance is dedicated to helping your organization build a more proficient human resource department, and as a result a better workplace, with proven methods which can contain costs and minimize risk. Our infrastructure, comprised of seasoned human resource professionals and the latest technology, allows us to tailor a complete range of human resource initiatives that will complement your strategic objectives and bring bottom line value to your business.

Through the use of our unique assessment tool, we will review your organization's human resource structure, functionality, policies, practices and programs. Upon review of these key areas, we can appreciate the overall objective for your human resource department and help you achieve those goals through assistance in the following areas.

  • On-Site HR Management

We have the ability to assume total management of human resource responsibilities or support existing staff in day-to-day functions giving you the flexibility you need to run your business.

  • Organizational Design and Strategic Planning

We will evaluate your current plan and recommend modifications, including technology enhancements, to create a plan based on your specific needs.

  • Recruiting Support

Let us help you manage all facets of the recruiting/selection process from development of a job description to development and implementation of cost effective recruiting strategies, candidate screening and selection recommendations.

  • Affirmative Action Planning

We're here to help alleviate confusion around creating an Affirmative Action Plan by providing a plan template that meets regulatory compliance guidelines and assist you with data aggregation as well as a statistical analysis that is needed to complete the plan.

  • Compensation and Salary Administration Design

Let us assist you in developing/redesigning a program that complements your business objectives, maintains focus on your budget and considers the need to stay competitive.

  • Employee Communications and Surveys

We are here to make sure you're meeting federal/state employment laws that require you to communicate certain information to employees. We'll help you create communication/survey tools to ensure your compliance and success in these areas.

  • Performance Management Programs

We'll help you create a comprehensive system through custom evaluation tools that will assist in meeting key strategic and operational objectives and also make performance management a collaborative experience between employees and managers.

  • Employee Development and Training Programs

These programs are an important investment in organizational learning, employee awareness and skills building. Let us help you create a program that benefits both your employees and overall success of your business.

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