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Convenience and peace of mind, combined

At Univest, we protect your funds and provide peace of mind. Our disbursement solutions improve accounting efficiency, minimize check fraud losses, and allow your business to collect funds and make payments electronically.

ACH Debit Block

 Avoid the risk of paying unauthorized ACH transactions using Univest's ACH Debit Block. This service offers you the capability to specify which companies have the ability to post ACH transactions to your account. Those without access will be denied and returned to the originating bank without affecting your account.

Wire Transfers

Transfer money safely and efficiently with Univest's Wire Transfer service. Whether you are sending or collecting funds, initiate transfers from a Univest account online or by phone. Transferred funds are available upon receipt and are immediately credited to or debited against your account.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH services allow your business to collect funds and make payments electronically. Typical ACH transactions include direct deposit, direct debit, vendor payments, direct deposit of payroll, as well as federal and state tax payments. An ACH transaction can also be used for collecting monthly payments or membership dues.

Positive Pay

Fraud prevention, especially regarding checks, is one of the biggest concerns for businesses. Positive pay is an automated fraud detection tool that complements internal security measures to ensure that only authorized checks are paid. It monitors checks processed for payment against your account and rejects unauthorized transactions before losses occur.